The remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer being recovered after completing 19 dives during the Windows to the Deep 2019 expedition. Image courtesy of Art Howard, Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration.

While Exploring The Worlds Oceans

Seaquest 11 Inc. is an innovative marine exploration company that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to search for and retrieve sunken treasures from the profound depths of the Earth's oceans. Fueled by a profound admiration for maritime history, we employ cutting-edge equipment and a proficient team of experts who are committed to unearthing hidden treasures while safeguarding the opulent legacy of the seas. Our unwavering dedication to preserving the rich heritage of the maritime world drives our relentless pursuit of uncovering and salvaging lost treasures.

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Discover our renowned services specializing in the preservation and recovery of sunken treasures and historical artifacts. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, we ensure meticulous attention to detail in safeguarding these treasures for future generations. Trust us to uncover and protect the hidden gems of our past.

Sunken treasure recovery

Expert team, cutting-edge technology.

Historical artifact retrieval

Meticulous attention to detail.

Heritage preservation commitment

Safeguarding history for the future.


Uncovering and protecting hidden historical gems.

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